Nowadays it is cool of course to grow a nice full beard! It only requires some patience, perseverance (and just enough testosterone hormones) to bring it to a successful conclusion. Read here for tips on how to get more and faster beard growth, stimulate your beard growth and which means or spray can promote this faster if you have little, uneven, bad or starting beard growth!

Tips for Better & Faster Beard Growth

Grow or not?

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The first step in growing a beard or a mustache (for Movember) is the decision to make it grow. Growing a beard takes at least 4 weeks and may contain an uncomfortable itchy period for some, but then you have something too!

Do not shave!

Despite the popular conviction, your beard will not grow faster or thicker by shaving.

Make a flying start

Choose a point where you can make a quick start, such as at the beginning of a holiday or even a long weekend.

Do not trim!

Let your beard grow as much as possible! Resist the urge to trim or shape your beard. The hairs on your face will grow in different stages; they will not all actively grow at the same time. So you have to have the patience to see where it is filled up and where not.

Not a full beard?

What if your beard is doubtful? Unlike the scalp, the hair on your face will not cover every inch. Some men have hair from their eyes to their neck. Most men will have a number of areas that are spotty or thin (bare beard), just like their cheeks and chin. This is determined by genetic and hormonal factors. Try a beard growth tool to get more hair in these areas. Visit My Beard Guy for more tips and some of the best beard growth supplements in the market.