All girls have them. They can be sore, annoying and really inconvenient when you are doing sports – yet we are very happy with our breasts! Here you get facts about the girls’ two best friends.

When do you start having breasts?

Some girls start getting breasts like eight-year-olds – and others like 17-year-olds. It’s very different. Breast Actives Cream and Supplement Review

When do you know that your breasts have started to grow?

As your nipples begin to grow larger and stare more than they usually do, this is a sign that they are growing. Often the circle around your nipples changes a little color, and your breasts may be extra sensitive and may be slightly sore. It is different how long it takes from your breasts to grow until they are fully developed.

Can I do something to change the size of my breasts?

No! It is a myth that creams, exercises or anything else can make a difference to the size of your breasts. Almost all girls are concerned about the size of their breasts. But remember, the most important thing is to accept your body as it is. Fortunately, there are benefits of both large and small breasts.

When to start wearing bra?

When you feel your breasts need extra support when walking or running, it’s a good idea to start wearing bra. With a bra you get the feeling that there is a little more “control” on your breasts.

Did you know …

– That in the past there have been different breast sizes that have been “modern”? In the 1920s and in the Middle Ages, for example, the super-modern had completely flat breasts.

– That the very first bra was invented by a lady in 1914. She took two handkerchiefs and tied them with a tape. That was the start of the bra,