Society is increasingly becoming a meritocracy. If physical work was needed in the past, people today have to do more thinking. The brain is challenged daily and is designed to deliver creative ideas and solutions. Of course, the diet must be optimized in order to meet the requirements. Because of the physical stress, people used to eat meals that contained many carbohydrates. Today, due to the good supply situation, they pay special attention to the micronutrients that support the brain in its activity. In addition to your diet, you’ll get more focus tips here to increase your concentration.

Fast snacks for learning and concentrated brain vitamins have to be produced and neither preparation nor consumption can take up too much time. What matters is the added value for the brain and the body.

Incidentally, the increase in Performance Nutrition is due to personalization: blood tests, DNA tests and further examinations help to determine your individual needs. Decisive are also your living conditions. For example, wearables can measure your stress level or physical activity. After that, you can then re-adjust the way your diet is to get it all out of you.

But not only the right diet allows you to get 110% out of you. Many other factors are essential for your performance. The good thing is, you have everything in your own hands. Start now and increase your performance.


The fact that certain nutrients and ingredients have a positive effect on brain performance and thus can significantly increase your ability to concentrate and your memory, has been studied for a long time. In this research area it comes z. For example, you can always find new scientific insights on how to improve your memory through nutrition.

Performance Food gives you the benefit of being able to easily incorporate it into your daily diet plan. There are numerous studies that confirm the impressive benefits of Performance Nutrition on cognitive performance. You can read more about healthy nutrition for your brain here.

Take Home Message # 2: Society is increasingly becoming a meritocracy. For the nutrition this means: It has to be fast, convenient for the road and contain all important ingredients concentrated. Especially concentration-enhancing effects are essential.


Which foods are covered by the terminology of Performance Food? Here is an overview of concentration-enhancing foods:

Eggs contain a lot of choline. Choline may also be known to you as an important precursor to acetylcholine, the key neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.

Acetylcholine acts as a signaling agent between the neurons (the cells of your nervous system) and is therefore an important lever for communication. If communication works well, you can remember things better, have a larger learning curve, and it’s easier to keep your focus.

A study of 2497 healthy volunteers confirmed that regular consumption of eggs had positive effects on mental performance, reflected in better scores of numerous neurological tests.